Tips for Tiger and Texture

by DJ Moran

tiger_tipsAutumn is here and is screaming soft and textured locks, the trend that is bound to take the autumn/winter season by storm is wavy or curly tresses. 

The secret to adding texture to this season’s looks is Tiger Reconstuctor. with the majority of our guest’s in the salon already having chemical history with color and bleach, keeping the integrity of the hair is a must and will be a concern for you and your client. 

Beginning by following the steps of a maximum treatment drying theTiger Reconstuctor completely into the hair before you begin your wrap of choice. In a process I call Tiger on Tiger then saturate the dry hair with Tiger Reconstuctor again instead of adding water as your pre-wrap, especially on the pieces of the hair that you are concerned about getting over processed. This adds added protection to the hair that may be already colored or bleached. 

Another hot tip on how to create strong healthy curl is using Tiger Reconstuctor before you begin the neutralization step. After you have found your test curl blot each rod to remove up to 90% more of the waving solution then rinse for 5 min.Towel blot the hair then spray each rod with Tiger Reconstuctor and bake to dry on the rods under a hooded dryer.Then continue with the neutralization step.This helps to repair the damaged sites that are about to bond together in the new shape making stronger curl for already chemically treated hair. 

The steps above may add time to your service but by adjusting your prices for the additional time and product used you will add value to your service and your guest will love you for it. Especially when you make sure Tiger Reconstructor is a part of their hair care regiment, maintaining their beautiful new look.